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Ican still recall the present my mom gave me for my 10th birthday. It wasn'tsomething I had asked for, but I was intrigued because a key came with it. Thekey went with my first diary. I realize now that my mother had provided me witha special place of comfort for my own thoughts and words. In the bottom drawerof my dresser, that faded, worn diary is tucked away in the back corner. Overthe years, writing has been my soothing grace, in good times and in bad. --DawnMiner, Shushan, New York







Agreen thumb. She taught me everything a gardener needs to know: starting seeds,pruning, tips for caring for houseplants and roses, and landscape design. Wespent many wonderful afternoons tending our gardens together throughout mychildhood, and I hope to have a daughter someday who will want to do the samething with me. -- Shannon Hunnex, Seattle, Washington





Theway her face absolutely beams when she sees me and her voice lightens withhappiness when I call her on the phone. Every time. Even after 38 years.--Kristen Harnisch, Darien, Connecticut





Thegreatest thing my mother ever gave me was the gift of good nutrition. To mychagrin, I got to drink soda only as a special treat. My lunch sandwiches weremade with whole-wheat bread. (Try being the only kid in the cafeteria withoutWonder Bread.) Any desserts we were allowed to have were homemade, andsweetened breakfast cereals were out of the question (how I coveted FruityPebbles!). And if we wanted a snack, we got fruit. At the time, this was beyondirritating, but as an adult I've been able to maintain a healthy weight.Sometimes those things you learn as a kid do stick, and to this day I feelguilty when I don't eat my vegetables. -- Sherry Pennell, Baltimore, Maryland


妈妈给我的,最好的,就是我的好营养。那时,我也有伤心,因为喝汽水只是一种特殊的奖赏。中午的三明治,是用全麦面包做的。(我是那个食堂惟一没有Wonder Bread的小孩。你知道是什么滋味?)我们能吃的甜点,都是家里做的,加糖的麦片早饭,是不用想的(Fruity Pebbles,让我嘴馋得要命!)我们想吃快餐,结果来的就是水果。那个时候,这种事儿真让人出离气愤。但是,长大后,我却有着一个健康的体重。有时,你小时候学到的东西,会变成坚持的习惯;现在,如果有一天我不吃蔬菜,我心中就觉得罪过了。


Memories.My mother now suffers from Parkinson's disease and is mentally and physicallyincapacitated. I am so grateful for the simple but meaningful times we sharedwhen I was growing up, from making cupcakes for my father's birthday when I wasfive to playing dress-up in her too-big clothes and donning her frosted, 1970swigs. Every little detail that is stamped in my memory helps me smile and appreciatethe incredible mother she is and the life she gave me. --JenniferKopec-McLaughlin, Mountain Top, Pennsylvania




Mymother gave me red. Yes, the color! She taught me that red and pink are trulycompatible (back in the 1940s, this wasn't necessarily a popular combination),that red is a "neutral" shoe color, and that every room needed atouch of this fiery shade. It is still my favorite color, and I think of mymother every time I use it. -- Judy Bolton Jarrett, Columbia, South Carolina




Mysmile. Whenever someone tells me that I have a great smile, I grin even more,thinking about the person who passed it on to me -- my mom. She has the exactsame one. -- Laura Hylton, San Diego, California





Mymom taught me the importance of volunteerism. All through my youth, my singlemother was involved in numerous community-service organizations. I have vividmemories of dropping off clothes at the battered women's shelter and being abuddy at the annual county Special Olympics. I knowher volunteerism has touched not only my life but those of countless others aswell. --Cindi Gambardella, KansasCity, Missouri




Mymother always had a sense of wonderment. The color of a leaf, a sprinkling ofsnow, the smell of hot soup -- she found the greatest pleasure in everydaythings. -- Nancy Bradford, Houston, Texas




Myname. I was named after my great-grandmother on my mother's side. I never mether but am told I'm a lot like her -- a strong woman who stands up for what shebelieves in and doesn't take crap from anyone. I'm proud to have her name andcarry on her legacy. -- Caroline Joyce, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania




WhenI was in college, my mother used to mail cards to me each week of a semester,and inside the cards were puzzle pieces. At the end of the semester, I wouldreceive the last piece, and it would always be a handmade puzzle with words ofencouragement. Something so small meant the world to me and kept me upliftedduring particularly grueling semesters. --JenaSimonds, Atlanta, Georgia




Mymother died when I was six, so she'll never know the incredible gift she gaveme. I fell in love with Irish traditional music at the age of 40 and took upthe fiddle. I wanted one of my own, but good instruments are expensive. Aboutthat time, my aunt called to say that she had found out about a retirementaccount my mother had begun before her death. That money bought me my beautifulviolin. Every time I play it, I try to thank my mom for her enduring gift ofmusic. -- Sally Sommers Smith, Burlington, Massachusetts



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